Herb Thomas sees the world in a unique way. His approach and work communicates authentic feeling, but is still informative and deeply impactful to viewers.

Herb believes that “If the visuals are stunning and emotional, the advertisements will have a profound and even inspiring impact on the viewer. This is true for for a 30 second commercial, as well as an hour-long documentary or special.”  In his work he concentrates on visuals, sound and emotion.

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thomasvisions Productions Inc. is ably guided by the professional services of

Sharon Chalklett, Vice President and principal, and Valerie Dillard, Production Assistant.

thomasvisions Productions Inc.

P A R T I A L  P O R T F O L I O

• Dick Goddard’s “Music for All Seasons” CD Project

• Expo Ward 1 Community Festival

• Expo Ward 6 Community Festival

• “From Slavery to the Future” Ministerial Daycare Head Start Association

• Greater Cleveland AIDS Taskforce – “Voices Against the Silence”

• Hathaway Brown School 125th Anniversary Celebration

• “Holiday in the Neighborhood” – Ward 8 Celebration

• Martin Luther King Celebration – “The Awakening of the Dream”

• Movement of Spirit and Soul: A Praise Dance Celebration Awakening – A New Direction Awards Celebration

• Salute to Teachers

• Starlight Cotillion

• Unity Week Celebration, City of Cleveland, Ohio

Footage of these and other thomasvisions productions is available upon request.