Quality Video Helps Your Business Grow

Show — Don’t Tell Your Customers

A frequently quoted Chinese proverb states, 

Tell me, I’ll forget.

Show me, I’ll remember.”

Video is the “show business” part of your marketing, and using video as part of your strategy is effective in generating more sales. Video’s use as a sales tool has exploded in recent years, and in my opinion, some efforts are better and more effective than others.

Video is effective, believable and lets your prospect get a sense of your flava.

The increased use is because video is effective, believable and lets your prospect get a sense of your “flava.”  You can show your product or service in use by people who are similar to your target customers (teens, seniors, women and others), and your full product line can be displayed and promoted.


Video is great for communicating the personality of your business and your product — whether humorous, authoritative, pleasant, friendly, serviceable, energetic, soothing or another quality.  High quality production will make your message even more appealing and meaningful to viewers. New technology such as drones and 360 degree cameras can show your product from unique angles and over time.

But while splashy production values are nice, I have found that simply produced videos can be equally effective (and less expensive) than fancy “Hollywood-style” productions.  The use of humor in videos is especially effective in distinguishing your product and getting prospects to remember it.


Your business video need not be used exclusively on broadcast media, but can have many applications and uses, such as being embedded in emails, being featured on your website and being uploaded to YouTube.  We can help you tailor your video for different social media platforms. Skillful pre-production planning and a focused shooting schedule will permit numerous edits from one shoot. This will save you time and money, and will extend the impact of your product’s message.


So show, don’t tell your story with high quality video. thomasvisions will be delighted to discuss your goals. With our experience with photojournalism, weddings, corporate affairs, television commercials and community events we are able to quickly understand your goals and suggest a range of solutions. We can assist you with video presentations from 10 seconds to full movie length. Our customers enjoy the process of bringing their visions to life and the opportunity for creative expression of their products and services

Call us at 216-531-9113 or e mail us at Sharon@thomasvisionsinc.com, and together we can SHOW your customers your vision — the full range of what your business offers.  

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Herb Thomas, President thomasvisions productions Inc.