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thomasvisions inc. productions is a multimedia production

company that continues to push the envelope on creativity.

Whether your needs involve music, stage production,

production design, lighting, live or recorded productions, you will

always get a sense of dynamic and emotional power. 

We merge the elements of production, advertising,

graphic design and stage production expertise to

delight you with powerful images that move the spirit.

Herb Thomas has discovered his own unique

way of presenting life and action. Herb invests “feeling”

into the image order to be informative, touch people’s

hearts and have a profound impact on viewers

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Herb believes, “If the visuals are stunning and emotional,

the advertisement will have a profound impact on the viewer. 

This philosophy is the same for a 30 second-commercial as well as an hour-long special.” 

To state it in three words:

thomasvisions inc. staff:

 Sharon Chalklett, Vice President

 Valerie Dillard, Production Assistant